February 8, 2011


It hurts so much to sit here, and look into those big beautiful blue eyes, and wonder if all you ever told me was a lie. It hurts to sit here and wonder, why you threw all we had down the drain. It hurts to know we could of had something special but now there's no more us, it's just you, and there's me. It just hurts so much sitting across from you, and now there's no words that are spoken.You said you were sorry for hurting me
you said you're sorry for making me cry
you say you're sorry for the pain i have
you say you're sorry for everything
you told me sorry for taking my innocence
you said sorry for leaving me
you think you're sorry for the hurt
you say you're sorry for the lies
are you sorry for breaking my heart ?
are you sorry for killing me?
are you sorry for leaving me?
are you sorry for making me cry?
are you sorry for the pain i go through?
are you sorry for telling me off?
are you sorry for tricking me?
are you sorry you loved me?
you're not sorry for leaving me
if you were, we'd be together right now.
you're not sorry for making me cry,
if you were, you'd do anything to make me smile
you're not sorry for killing me,
if you were you wouldn't be out having fun
you're not sorry for hurting me,
if you were, you'd do anything to show you care.
I don't know this feeling.
that is swelling up inside of me.
its time to take action.
the decision is only mine to make.
i am not going to runaway from this feeling anymore.
i am going to stand my ground
and fight for what i believe is right.
i am tired of feeling
like there is only darkness in my heart.
i get lost in the darkness in my heart so many times.
i need a way out of here.
there is no light to lead me out of here anymore.
will you be the light that leads me out of here?
will you be my angel that takes my breath away?
if so then let me know
cause i would rather die then to be left alone 
Take away gentle breezes, instead send an icy gale,
Summer winds like these have no place in hell.
Let its' gusts clean out each promise made by you in haste.Lying at my feet with leaves turning into waste.
Fill my skies with darkened clouds to cover up your sun,
Send me no more bright lit days lying you are the one.
Release their rain into my soul to smother passions' fire,
cleanse this heart of each and every remnant of desire.
Leave me just one memory to dream of when asleep,
At least, I will know for sure it is mine to keep.
Springtime visit here no more, do not try to make amends,Your days are too sublime for me to see them end.
But you're not sorry for anything..... !!

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