December 8, 2010

becareful self

Most of the time, my anger would eat up and destroy everything I love the most, because of mygigantic ass ego. We capable to say unwanted thing or doing things when we're angry . I feel like empty feeling . I feel like loosing their love . I feel like unimportant for them . Ive tried my best to make things go right and gain their trust . Its seem like hopeless .
I hate it when ppl asked me to put a hijab on my head everytime I go out . Yess, sure its a good thing . I means you do not have to force me . Let it happens when my heart want to . Its need sincere not forcing . 
And I hate it when ppl asked me , who is my boyfie . Im just not interested in any official relationship right now . Cause my past relationship left a huge impact in my life . Its break me inside , fucking breaking . Fyi , I'll inform, post about my boyfie if I had one and If I really get into the relationship like seriously . Its need comitted . And I just too fucking tired to coorperate in this kind of relation . Usah susahkan diri kau stalker life orang , tak perlu laa wey :) 
For me , its fairly normal that a girl of my age to be confused from time to time . Sometimes , I think of its easy how I say iloveyou when I dont even know the meaning is . Im not against the relationship , I just cant see the point why we teenagers should couple . Love love love ; Becouse honestly , Iexhausted .

For those player , yeah  you enjoying breaking their heart. Whatthefucking do you think that they have no feelings ? What is the point of your game ? I just dont get it . You;re just wasting your time . But just remember , karma works for those bitchy as you . So , heh , goodluck then :)

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