December 8, 2010

Ok fine , I have this boy friend of mine . I swear , he's a good friend . Back then , my situation was a complicated as I got to deal with my memory of my past relationship . To be true , theres someone who make me remember of Hafiz . Asking me why and what happened between me and him . Take note; he is my sensitive issues . Dontchu you dare to mention his name infront of me .

So , I make up my mind to ignore my cell phone today . I spend my time with mama . For those who text me again and again . I just reply it for short and thats obviously Im not in mood .
Maybe some of my friend was touched by my acting . For short , this boy friend of mine make up his mind to leave me .

Annndd Im just so speechlessssssss .

I was stupid and at that time, my mind was clouded with all those negative thoughts which i created them myself.
Right me if i'm wrong, slap me if i act like a bitch, teach me the true meaning of friendship and show me all the love you people got for me. I'm sorry for all those massive annoying attitude of mine, i was wrong, i admit. There's no more being selfish in me, i need you people in my life especially the ones who i was closed to once.

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